A basic toolkit every home should be equipped with

Even if you are not the most handy homeowner, or a DIY icon in the making, it is still very important that your home be sufficiently stocked up with some basic tools, gadgets, and gizmos.

Here is a quick breakdown of what should be included in a basic toolkit in every home:

A tool box

While it may seem like an obvious place to begin, it is vital. You can have all of the right tools for the job, but if you have no idea where they are, they cannot help you. Rather than having a drawer in the kitchen, or the basement, that has a random assortment of tools, tape, and the odd screw, every home should have its tools stored neatly in a toolbox.

Claw hammer

Yes, there are different types of hammers. The claw hammer is one of the most versatile of all the hammers because it can be used to hammer in nails, but thanks to the handy claw on its head, it can also be used to yank nails out, as well.

An adjustable wrench

The perfect tool for nearly any job – thanks to its adjustable head. This wrench can help with putting together new furniture, tightening bolts or nuts on old pieces, or helping you retrieve that earring you dropped down the drain.

Combination pliers

Perfect for gripping, these pliers can be used to grip and pull many different types of nails, screws, or tacks.

Multi-head screwdriver

While it is ideal to have a set of screwdrivers, you can get away with having one driver with multiple heads. Cross-head, flat, and square head are musts.

Tape measure

Even if you are not worried about having to measure twice so you only have to cut once, a tape measure can come in hand when buying new furniture, or planning out bigger home renos.
Whether it is for finding your way in the dark, or adding light in hard to see places, an LED headlamp has become a natural way that you can illuminate an area without having to worry about holding onto a flashlight. The help of an LED headlamp can be crucial for taking on a wide range of home projects.

New Headlamp has been released

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