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Purpose Force rolls out high-performing LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Headlight Assembly and Exciting Features


Who doesn’t know the importance and efficacy level of the LED lamps in our lives these days? 

The top manufacturers with the best R&D teams are coming up with some of the best products that are real saviors for people. LED headlamps are also becoming the best products used for home improvement projects. 

One such high-end product churned out by the reputed company, Purpose Force, is the new LED Headlamp that comes equipped with rechargeable headlight assembly, 4 brightness modes, zoomable light and many more exciting features.

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The practical edge and versatility

In this age, we juggle with a lot of activities to keep life running at a smooth flow! So whether it is cycling you want to go for after the sun goes down, a nightly stroll with your pup or running to keep your health fabulous- you need the best illumination as your partner.

Herein this LED headlight steps in offering great illumination support to outdoor activity lovers, the corporate guy preparing his presentation to anyone in need of perfect lighting solutions.

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The wow - worthy design and durability

This LED headlamp has been designed with aluminium alloy and heavy duty materials that offer great protection rendering this lighting solution as new as ever!

This headlamp is 100% waterproof, so need to worry if you are stuck anywhere due to the rain while performing any outdoor activities.

Just relax because your LED headlamp is waterproof!

Adjust the brightness as you wish

The next line you read reveals the correct facts and don’t just be in awe, but try and grab this LED headlamp as soon as possible! You can adjust the brightness level tailored to your needs via 4 modes, namely:
• Energy saving mode
• Medium brightness mode offering balanced illumination
• Super brightness mode offering the excellent lighting solution
• Strobe
The additional feature is the zoom in and out feature helping you to adjust the focus on varied objects as it is required!

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3 charging systems: A big yes to being “convenient”

Convenience is the key when it comes to charging this LED headlamp! PurposeForce has equipped this headlamp with three charging cables that you can lay your hands on when buying this headlamp. These are the 3 chargers that you get in the LED headlight package:

1. A USB charger
2. A car charger
3. & an American charger

Just charge the LED headlight to its fullest potential to get the best illumination!

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The flexible and adjustable straps

Whether it is the lovely ladies or the suave men, this LED headlamp ensures comfort and easy usage. The headlamp comes with straps that don’t entangle or offer rough bruises when you are looking for a perfect fit on your head!

The adjustable straps of the headlamp offer a secure fit, so no matter what activities you are engaging in, the LED headlight will not slip off owing to the movements you make.

The bulbs are extremely lightweight and you will not feel any discomfort when you remove the headlamp assembly from your head. Measuring 7.5 x 5 x 2.3 inches and weighing 14.1 ounces, this headlamp is power at its best.

Choose your perfect headlamp

Model PFHL0001
by Purpose Force

$ 23
per Unit
  • 4 modes of brightness
  • 3 types of charger included
  • 2 batteries included, ready to use instantly
  • Fast and enthusiastic support

What people say about our headlamp?

Excellent product that can do everything that i need. The headlamp is durable and well-made. I love that it has 4 options for the lighting. The quality of the light is also really good
These are bright comfortable and rechargeable. They come with multiple ways to charge the batteries. Many settings and large and small beams. Only dislike is the strob light function. Stroblights give me migraine headaches. Got this to help with crocheting dark yarns.

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So what are you still thinking? Just go ahead and grab this LED headlamp at the earliest offered by Purpose Force!