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In the last year, we have seen everything from exposed lighting, subway tiles, and rose gold everything take the home design world by storm. But, there are new trends sweeping there way through every home redesign and renovation in 2018. Here are a few of the cornerstones of home design this year

A more natural feel

While tech is taking over every other element of our lives, nature is seeping into design. Natural materials help bring a earthy, organic ambience to any room. You can do this by finding wooden accent furniture pieces, adding earthy coffee table decorations, or even wall art that incorporates nature.

Brass is the new stainless steel

Polished nickel and stainless steel decor have had their day in the sun. But, in 2018, brass is set for a comeback. Bringing bass back into your home is as easy as hunting for new faucets in your kitchen or bathroom.

Vintage lighting

Exposed lighting made a comeback recently, but it is starting to take a backseat to more vintage lighting options when it comes to modern home redesigns. Vintage pendants with brass or copper finishes are everywhere, and they should be in your home, too.

Trough sinks

One of the rooms that gets redesigned most often in homes is the bathroom, and with the new trend of trough (or bucket) sinks, it may just be time to re-do your bathroom. These farmhouse inspired sinks add a touch of vintage flare that make any bathroom (or even a kitchen) pop.

Artisan light fixtures

Rather than stocking up on fixtures from a big-box store, you can add some flare to your home by hunting for some artistic, and original artisan light fixtures. These tend to give your home more personality, and helps shift the focus from your home’s technology, to its soul.

Essential DIY Power Tools

If you find yourself thinking “I could do that” more often than you find yourself reaching for the phone to call a contractor, then this list is for you. As any experienced DIYer knows, there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals, and then there are some jobs that are best done with a professionals tool box.

If you find yourself undertaking a lot of renovation projects around your house (or your friend’s and family’s) then these are some tools that might be worth the investment. After all, there is a right tool for every job!

Miter Saw

If there is only one power tool you are going to buy as a DIYer, then it might as well bea miter saw. These are perfect for framing jobs especially.  Being able to make your own cuts, right on site, will not only save you a lot of money, but it will save you a lot of time, too. And everyone who has done a renovation knows time is vital.

For precision work and for working in tight corners, it can be helpful to have an LED headlamp that you can use to illuminate an area you are working in. A high quality LED headlamp can be a huge help when it comes to lighting on a job site or with any kind of home renovation. 

New Headlamp has been released

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This reciprocating saw is known for its ability to be used comfortably on vertical surfaces, as much as it is known for its jigsaw blade. Perfect for making cuts in smaller spaces when doing a renovation, or redesign, a Sawzall, or a reciprocating saw of any kind, is a must have for those tearing down existing structures.

Circular Saw or Table Saw

If you have the space for a table saw, then that is your best bet. However, if space is an issue, the more compact circular saw can do wonders, too. Quick and convenient, circular saws allow for precise cuts to be made quickly on the go. With a table saw is a lot more expensive, it could be worth the price if you have the space. Larger jobs that involve a lot of cuts, or lots of different angled cuts can be done quickly and easily with a table saw and all of their features and add-ons.

Impact driver

While everyone taking up a DIY job should have a drill and a drill bit set, not everyone has an impact driver … and they should. While it may look the same as your drill, it is not. The impact driver increases in power as it screws into hard surfaces or materials. With rapid, twisting blows, the impact driver powers the screw into nearly any surface.

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