Toys and tools needed to take your kitchen to the next level

Once you have outfitted your kitchen with all of the basic requirements needed to feed your family functionally, and you have mastered more than a few techniques and recipes, you may find yourself looking to branch out, and add more to your arsenal of culinary weaponry.
These tools and toys are perfect for you to add to your kitchen to take it to the next level:

Coffee grinder

If a cup of coffee (or a couple!) is part of your morning routine, but you have not switched over to grinding your own beans yet, now is the time. A coffee grinder can not only be an attractive piece of equipment to have visible in your kitchen, but it also allows you to be opened up to a world of better coffee at home. Grab some quality beans, and add another morning tradition to your routine.

Hand blender

A hand blender may not be a kitchen necessity, but if you find yourself making smoothies, soups, or your own healthy versions of dips or salsa, then it may just be a key new member of your kitchen’s lineup. Hand blenders do not take up much space in your kitchen, and has the best qualities of both a blender and a mixer, making it a very versatile tool.

A cooking mat

There are many different brands out there, but they all do the basic thing: Save your baking wear, and your foil budget. Placing one of these cooking mats on a baking sheet is perfect for cookies, veggies, or any oven-cooked meal. They allow for you to use less butter or oil, as you do not need to grease the sheet. While these mats save you a lot of clean-up time, they also help you make a greener kitchen, as they help reduce waste, too.

Iron skillet

Perfect for on the range, in the oven, or even on the BBQ, an iron skillet not only adds versatility to your cooking, it can also add flavor and nutrients to a lot of the food you cook in it, too. Using an iron skillet over a nonstick pan is the perfect way to add a little more depth to any of your meals. As a bonus, they are easy to clean, just rinse with hot water and wipe them dry with a towel.
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